Snowsuits and car seats

Last weekend we had snow in Edinburgh, it meant the emergence of some truly beautiful snow suits, the wee ones who came to our playgroups at the weekend all looked snug and cosy.

Being Dad to a 10 yr old and a 2 yr old myself, I’ve experience of how great these suits, and indeed puffy jackets can be. Having had an experience of a freezing toddler out in the rain or snow, you soon learn they need layers and padding to protect them.

The suits are amazing, however when it comes to putting your child into the car seat with these jackets and suits on you need to be aware of how much of a gap it can create between your child and the safety harness. The snowsuit or jacket may stop them from being properly restrained.

You can buy suits/jackets, blankets and wraps to keep them warm in the car seat which have holes to allow the safety harness through.

Online as you’d imagine there’s lots written about car seats, however one good site we’ve used in the past is: Good Egg They have a handy video about this issue here.

Thomas Lynch