Confidence & Understanding

There are over 1000 Young Dads (aged 16-25) in Edinburgh yet we are one of only two organisations that directly support this group. Our aim is to give the young men the skills and confidence to enjoy the experience of being a father.

Each young man has different skills and needs. Our Young Dads program is a 1:1 service tailored to the individual. First we get to know the man and his situation, then develop a program with them to build their confidence and range of skills. Some of the support package is direct from Dads Rock, other aspects may be provided by external organisations with specific expertise.


The sort of areas we cover may include looking after their own physical and mental health, supporting Mum, feeding babies and young children, looking after babies and toddlers, help with how and why to play with their children, econmonic management, being an organised Dad, and how to seek help. For some much of this will be new and will help them to cope with an enormous change in their lives. Others may already have such understanding but want help in other ways.

We want our Young Dads to become mentors in their own right to the next generation of Young Dads. Building on a key point highlighted by Barnardo's in a 2012 report, that said: 'Young Dads are more likely to access information to support their transition to fatherhood if services are recommended by word of mouth (for example by other fathers). In addition they will respond well to advice from other fathers their own age.'

You can self refer to our Young Dads support, we also take referrals from other organisations. 

To refer, simply call us on 07807 498 709 or email