1. What’s the purpose of Dads Rock?

We are here to support Dads and families across Edinburgh, to ensure they have strong positive relationships with their children.  We want Edinburgh to be the best place to be a Dad.   

2. Why has the funding come to an end?

Our current funding was always due to expire in Dec 2017, we have been clear to staff about this, and spoken to Dads throughout the year as well.  We had hoped to have been able to secure funding beyond 2017 before now.  The funding environment is ever changing, and very tough at the moment. 

3. Why have we not been more active until now?

We have been working to secure our funding since the start of 2017, staff and the board of trustees have been involved all throughout this process. 

We had very positive meetings with funders and were lead to believe we had a good chance of receiving funding.  It was not until the 27th of Oct that we found out we had been unsuccessful.  We told Dads and families eight days later on the 4th of Nov.

4. What can we do to share the message about Dads Rock?

Become a member, get involved with the fundraising (email here to register your interest to help David@dadsrock.org.uk) Record a short video of yourself talking about the benefits of Dads Rock and share it on social media.  Speak to your colleagues at work about fundraising, organise a small fundraising activity.  Get in touch for more ideas and info.

5. Why are you not running a crowdfunding campaign?

We will launch a campaign in the New Year, we need to take time to get it right.  You can still donate now, and all donations go to help keeping our services running. 

6. What does this mean for the Dads Rock staff?

We have four employees.  The contracts for three of the team come to an end in Dec 2017 and Jan 2018, two of the staff leave us then, one has been offered a new contract, to allow us to deliver a reduced service.  If we receive funding then we will hopefully be able to employ more than two staff.  The fourth member of the team is funded via a different stream, and employed until July 2018. 

7. I’m happy to donate on a regular basis, how do I do that?

You can donate a one off amount, or set up a monthly direct debit via our Just Giving page (please remember to give us gift aid), click here: Just Giving

8. I’m not a member how do I become one?

You can become a member of Dads Rock by clicking on this link: Membership

9. Can we do some fundraising now? As this is the time of year to get into the shopping centres or supermarkets.

As mentioned above there’s things you can do now to help, we will speak to supermarkets and shopping.  We know from experience due to their timescales the activities will be into 2018.

10. Can we write to our councillors/MSPs/MPs to ask for their support?

Yes, that would be a great way to help, please see elsewhere on this site for a copy of the letter templates you can use.

11. Is there a way we can save instead of close some of the playgroups?

We mentioned at the members meeting on the 18th of Nov, we’re working right now on five funding applications, two of which have the potential to release money in January which would mean we could continue more playgroups.  Our priority is to maintain our Granton, Wester Hailes and City Centre groups.

12. Could we have a Corporate Information Pack so we can approach our employers?

Yes! That’s a great idea. We’re working on it, and will let you know once it’s finished.

13. Can we come up with a calendar of fundraising events?

Yes! That’s a great idea and one we are working on.

14. Can we approach famous dads, or celebrities to ask for help?

Yes! If you know any please let us know.  Speak to David about getting involved with that. (Email: David@dadsrock.org.uk)

15. Can we all produce some short videos on why Dads Rock matters?

Yes! We would love you to do this, please ensure you tag us to let us know you’ve done this. Please also use #savedadsrock

16. Can we have a volunteer lead playgroup?

This is certainly something we will look into, we would need to ensure the volunteers are well supported, given training and have criminal record checking.

17. What about the social enterprise angle – can we commercialise part of the organisation? 

This is something that the board of trustees have been looking into for some time and is still an ambition, it will take time though. 

18. Can we expand into other cities to show our worth? 

In the past we have run playgroups in Glasgow and Fife.  We’re happy to support and advise other organisations who run similar groups, but our focus is on perfecting the support for Dads and families first of all.   

19. Can we improve the website to make raise our profile?

Definitely, get in touch if you can help with improving it. Email David@dadsrock.org.uk

20. How does this impact Dads Rock Academy?

 Dads Rock Academy is a separate organisation, there is no impact.

21. Will you consider working with older kids? As there’s a gap between when kids leave Dads Rock to when they can start Dads Rock Academy.

We would love to, our priority right now is to secure funding for our existing services, and it’s certainly something we can look into.

22. What connections do we have from other Dads groups, organisations?

We have a seat at the table at the Scottish Governments National Father’s Advisory board, which puts us into direct contact with Dads organisations across Scotland, we have good relationships with those organisations.  We are also quite often approached by organisations around the UK to give advice and support to them.  We have strong recognition across Scotland by a variety of professionals.   

23. How much the playgroups cost to run?

To run one weekend playgroup for 12 Months costs just over £5000.