Board Meeting Minutes - 21st Jan 2019

Q1 2019 Board meeting

DATE: Monday 21st January  

VENUE: RBS Gogarburn, Edinburgh EH12 1HQ.  


David Gray (Chair), Gavin Wilson, Liann Weir, Thomas Lynch, Barry Wright, Gillian Anderson, Mark Phillips, Matthew Smith, Roslyn Neely, Tom Oliver, Lisa Holder, Natalie Kerr, Susan McGhee


Gordon MacDonald.

1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

  • Agreed as an accurate record.

  • Agreement to publish Charity Aims paper.

3. Finance update

Thomas provided an overview of 2018 summary and current financial position.  Current bank balance overview with projection to August 19.

2019 projected costs of £77k, including savings from office move and Wester Hailes playgroup closure.

Next board session to cover realistic check against funding position and decision on cost base and activities.  

4. Operational update

Playgroups; Decision to continue with 1 Saturday group and 1 Sunday group, as space at Wester Hailes has been offered to another business, so no option to re-open at this stage.   Proposed new venue (local church) no longer available.  

As at January 2019, currently 1 Saturday group and 1 Sunday group running.  Granton group slightly busier since closure.  10 families impacted through Wester Hailes closure and have been extended an invite to the Granton space. 

Office relocation from Whale Arts to move to Ferry road on Monday 29th January. 

Thomas has been contacted by BBC Alba to be part of some filming in Scotland (Saturday 9th February) at Granton playgroup.  

Dads2b work - due to lack of available funding, January class has been cancelled. NHS will pick up February classes if Dads Rock cannot fund. Opportunity to trial pilot workshops with a suggested donation, using free space we have (without NHS support). Possible longer-term income opportunity if proving popular. Will require further marketing support and subsequent spend to capture audience. Concern raised by board as no medical content from the NHS, it could lose credibility. Thomas highlighted there are other partners we can work with to deliver / refer to.  GW concern that is it too much effort to create something new.

Forthcoming Dads trips - swimming (dads to pay) 

Decision to close Wester Hailes group due to short fall funding will be communicated to Dads.  Agreed by trustees. 

5. Fundraising update

Lisa provided an update on 2018 and 2019 applications. Approx. 10% success rate in applications. 

Pipeline; potential of pipeline £25k plus £5k from an anonymous donor should take us to EOY requirements for 2019. LW has also raised grant funding approach for school work as part of PEF funding.  TL is continuing to talk to other schools.  Potential that Children in Need could fund school work.  Funding request of £28k from local schools to cover in school work

High level breakdown of funding;

Cattanach funds from 2018 committed to young dads (6 young dads support) 

Other funding/fundraising £8k can we maintain for 2019/repeat. 

Now removed play groups from any applications so we don’t know what the support will look like for 2019.  To revisit in April when we have a better understanding on funding balances.

Action - review position at next board in April.  

A dad has volunteered to organise a fundraising event for Dads Rock. 

Corporates should be via warm leads from contacts or trustees.

Action - Mark has Robertson Trust contact to introduce Lisa. 

Suggestion to create a pledge wall for Dads to get involved - can you help with these things?  What can you bring – connections, not just money. 

Lisa to explore participatory budgets - how can we access this community funding?

Lisa to share funding documents with GW/NK whilst Thomas is on holiday. 

For next board meeting - plays out scenarios on funding options to discuss in detail in April.  

6. Governance Update  

Referred to reference document, reading for trustee boards on information trustee roles and responsibilities. 

Action Roslyn to check ref OSCR requirements on trustees and if to be signed.

7. Scottish Govt paper for noting

Submitted to Scottish Govt paper on 15th January.  Agreement that it is now to be reusable for other submissions / conversations.  Slide show also attached with submission (including photos and statistics on support). Scottish Govt advised that Dads Rock position itself as a national charity rather than Edinburgh only.

Update on submission for next Board in April.

8. AOB

Play it forward; NK to investigate RBS support / grounds usage. Grow membership opportunity.  Or Supports / friends of Dads Rock.   

UPDATE: Dads Rock forming part of RBS charity fair and introductions made to sustainability team.

Gavin has aligned a volunteer from RBS to work on surveys for Dads Rock - Complete  

9. Next board session

  • NK to resend proposed board dates and venue for 2019 avoiding Monday.

  • AGM for 2019 to be agreed in April Board.  

Thomas Lynch