What we believe

We believe Dads matter, and we want Dads and society to see and feel the importance of them being actively involved with their children. From as soon as they know they will be fathers, we want to help men understand the important role they play in their children's upbringing. There is extensive research that gives weight to this. Attachment theory between children and fathers was first discussed in the 1960's by John Bowlby, whilst it is true to say that there has been much more focus on the relationship between mother and child, there is now a wide spectrum of research that details just how fundamental fathers are. Whilst this research is helpful, we still find in society that systems and processes are put in place that favour the Mother-child bond.



Organisations such as Fathers Network Scotland have started to carry out work to help 'dad proof' services, to help professionals to understand why they need to change. For some, truly engaging with fathers is a huge step. To have a large scale impact across Scotland, much more work is needed. We want all of our children to have the best start, we know if they have the best start they can, that outcomes later in life are better. We are part of the social change that needs to happen. We take opportunities to speak to a wide and diverse audience about Dads and children, and talk about what Dads tell us they want. We attend conferences to talk about the importance of fathers, and to talk about the small steps organisations can take that will make a difference. We feed into local and national policy on parenting. We are members of The Scottish Government's National Father's Advisory Board, as well as the Scottish Parliament's Cross Party on Shared Parenting. We need societal change for the sake of our children, but also for the sake of all our Dads, we want all of our Dads to feel supported and valued.  We were founded in 2011 and became a registered charity in 2013.

Our Team

We have four employees.

James McCulloch is our Project Worker, delivering our services.  James has been with Dads Rock since June 2018.

Lisa holder is our Fundraising Manager, and has been with us since May 2018. 

Sol Grieve-Rae is our Social Media Administrator, and has been with us since November 2018.

Thomas Lynch is our Service Manager and is one of the co-founders of Dads Rock, he has been with us since 2011, when he and David Marshall first came up with the idea of Dads Rock.    

Board of Trustees

We have eleven trustees on our board: 

Board meeting minutes can be found here: Minutes

L-R Lisa Holder, Thomas Lynch, Sol Grieve-Rae and James McCulloch

L-R Lisa Holder, Thomas Lynch, Sol Grieve-Rae and James McCulloch


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